Between Xmas and New Year

I know many people are gonna hate me for saying this but I miss my job. Why, oh why should there be two-week long vacations in the middle of the winter? TO spend the days fighting with my husband about not doing anything different, or to spend loads of money on food and sweets? The only money I don’t regret spending is what I gave for gifts. If I had more I would spend it all!
Right now, it’s Friday afternoon, I’m so restless I can’t read anymore, I’ve already solved three SUDOKU puzzles and I don’t know what to do with myself. Sex is ruled out for today since Makis is doing his siesta right now, and tonight he’s DJing so I bid goodbye to any fun for today!
One good thing though is Ispend ages surfing th internet and I found this page of the TIME magazine suggesting the best sites of the year. One of them, Heather’s blog from Utah, USA is hilarious. I’ve been reading it for the past half hour and I’m LOL.

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