Bruxelles Mega Bookcrossing

One of my plans when I first arrived here in Brussels was to contact the local Bookcrossing community. With my rudimental French and non-existent Flemish this was a bit too ambitious but in any case I tried. And here things go fast: from a couple of post exchanges at the Francophone Bookcrossing forum, we arranged to meet first time in January and organise an MBC or a Mega BookCrossing event in May!

From our first meet-up in March with Melissa and Ana

So here we are in May, praying for good weather. About 30 people have registered for the event coming from France, Holland and probably Germany too, Francophone, Flemish and all the other languages as well, to read and release to become united once more by our common passion: reading!

For me especially this has an extra value: I am still new hear, still trying to create my own network of friends and finding friends through bookcrossing always proves a good move. Plus I get to practise my French! J’espere que vous ne soyez pas tres strictes mes amis 🙂

One of the most beautiful galleries of Brussels with second hand books, near Grand Place


Mes premieres etiquettes francophones dediques a notre MBC Bruxelles 2013: MBC BRUSSELS 2013 ANNA VARNA

Details for our schedule next weekend plus more practical information here.

Bookcrossing site

À tout à l’heure ! 



  1. Bonne chance Anna !!!!
    J’attends des photos de toi avec le couple C-Maupin de France et avec Souram de Suisse 🙂
    Ah , je t’envie tu sais …………………………


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