Two sets of everything. At least.

The secret when you live in two cities is to have, at least, two sets of everything: two toothbrushes, pairs of pajamas in both places, make-up sets, your perfume twice, books you love and have half-read dispersed in two bedrooms, multiple pairs of sensible shoes, your running equipment so that there is no excuse. Trouble starts with things you can’t replicate: friends you would die for, a daughter, the love of your life. Spending equal time in the city you love and in the city the people you love live, is not possible. People tell you that you are selfish, that family is always a priority, that you’re thinking only of yourself, that you have changed, that they don’t recognize you.

And all this might be true. And there is another truth as well, which you continue to live and you call it “the dream”. It includes looking for who you really are, without being distracted by what they taught you, by what your parents had told you, by other people’s expectations. It includes a fantastic job. Lots of travelling. Tears. Add to that fascinating people. Add new friends. Add late night dancing like there is no tomorrow. Add quince vodka from Poland. Add “La festivaaal”.

Today I went for a coffee with a young woman I have met. She is almost 20 years younger than me and she is so clever, so joyous, so full of possibilities. She was eating her pastry in small mouthfuls and she seemed to cherish each and every one of them! When I am with her, I become again a teacher and I have to restrain myself because I don’t want to be one of those older people who only know how to give advice. She said she was looking forward to meeting me and after the meeting she wrote me a sweet facebook message to thank me. I think she doesn’t realize that it’s me who should be thanking her, for giving me back a bit of my mother/teacher role that I only play every three weeks!

About 2 years ago I was considering going back to my country. I was saying to my friends and colleagues that Brussels is where I feel appreciated but Larissa is where I feel loved. It has taken some time but today I can safely say that I feel loved in both places. So, la boucle est bouclé. The key to living successfully between two or cities is having, at least, two pairs of everything.

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